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Instant feedback on speech

accuracy, fluency, completeness

Speakho helps call center agents communicate effectively and clearly with customers by correcting all the mispronunciations in their speech.

Upload Audio Files
Speakhometer Scores
Pronunciation Assessment
Speakho-Instant feedback

Instant Feedback

Visual feedback to catch all the mispronunciations in the speech

Speakho-Enhance Meaning

Speech completeness

Detailed information on all the mispronounced-omitted-inserted words in the speech

Speakho-Easy Correction

Easy Correction

Listen to the correct pronunciation adjacent to the mispronunciations

Having English speaking skills is crucial in customer service job

Assessment result with tooltips.png

How Speakho helps

  • Agents: Practice Calling Scripts

  • Recruiters: Pre-Employment English assessments

  • Managers: Quality Assurance & Training

No need to waste time learning tons of words that will not be used in customer interactions.


Ready to start with Speakho?

Choose the package that suits you with our flexible plans and pricing.



Word level scores to gauge your pronunciation skills

  • Word Level Score

  • Get Assessment up to 30s long audio files.

  • Support US, UK, Indian English

  • Listen to correct pronunciation of 5 low score words

  • Speakhometer score for speech


499 Rs/Month

Detailed feedback on speech accuracy and completeness

  • Everything in Free Plan

  • Get Assessment up to 2 min long audio files

  • Detailed information on words' omission and insertion

  • Listen to correct pronunciation of first 10 low score words


999 Rs/Month

Track your pronunciation journey with Speakho

  • Everything in Basic Plan

  • Get Assessment up to 10 min long audio files

  • Analytics Dashboard for your Speakho journey  ​

  • Listen to correct pronunciation of all the low score words

Get early access to Speakho (Paid Plan)

Access Basic plan for one month (FREE, no credit card info needed).

How Speakho works

Step 1

Add a specific script/text

Step 2

Record /Upload your audio

Step 3

Get feedback

Supported by

Nexus incubator
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